Community Update

2 min readFeb 1, 2022

Dear Rewarders,

we just concluded a snapshot for “BRT” migration to “BRW” at 3 pm UTC on February 1st, 2022. All users who had tokens in wallets or in the staking pool before 3 pm UTC or are still on Bitmart Exchange are eligible for new token distribution at a 5 :1 ratio.

If you didn't meet any of the requirements above, then you won't get new tokens.


  • Bitmart exchange will support BRW migration and will be listing BRW also.
  • Token distribution for BRW will be sent to users' wallets after fundraising is completed we are listed.
  • IDO calendar is not yet finalized mainly due to bearish market conditions and also delay in finalizing some important partnerships necessary to going forward. Once everything is ready and market conditions are better, we will release the IDO calendar.
  • We will be publishing a list of addresses eligible for the swap.
  • We will keep the community updated on changes and development every 2 weeks or as soon as any major change is made.

Once the IDO calendar is fixed, we will update the community with the listing date /distribution date.

This is a very important moment for the project and we need everyone to be supportive and patient as you have always been.

Base Reward Team.




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