Community Update: Snapshot event and Others

*UPDATED 26th January 2022

Dear Rewarders,

2022 is a turning point in the project development and as always we want to let all #Rewarders and token holders understand our goals as an African blockchain startup. We are focused on building the next big thing and we keep making decisions based on deep analysis and careful study both to meet the company's goals and satisfy all of you who have supported us from the beginning. With your continuous support, we can keep moving forward to attain the moon and the journey starts now.

Base Reward Token V2 ( BRW) Migration

The token smart contract has already been created and updated with more features to overcome the limitations of its predecessor. It is currently undergoing the final stage of auditing and testing to be deployed in the coming days.

Base Reward Token V2 Features

Token name: Base Reward Token

Old contract: BASE REWARD TOKEN (BRW) Token Tracker | BscScan

New contract: BASE REWARD (BRW )

Symbol: BRW

Decimal: 8

Total supply: 12 000 000

*Anti-bot feature

*Tax for sellers and bots: 5 %

*Recovery of Tokens ( mistakenly sent to contract )

The major thing to retain in this upgrade is Liquidity protection on dex and anti-dumping mechanism.

V2 Token Migration Event

Base Reward Token v2 migration will be carried out systematically at a ratio of 5 :1 and users are to follow the simple steps below so as to successfully migrate their tokens.

  • A snapshot event of all wallets holding BRT ( old token ) 1st of February 2022 at 3 pm UTC.
  1. Move your tokens from exchanges and from staking to your personal wallet before the stated date and time above. ( Fees for unstaking from the present smart contract will be dropped to $0.2 / 0.00040 BNB )
  • After the snapshot event, $BRW ( Base Reward Token v2 ) will be automatically sent to your wallet at a specific date to be announced in the upcoming community update. ( you can freely move your tokens after snapshot )

*We will spend time before the snapshot event creating awareness among holders and community, so no one misses out and we won't be responsible if anyone didn't follow instructions as stated before the snapshot.

Project Development

CARDS: We just concluded our market study and research on banking and card service in Africa and CEMAC region in particular so as to refine our business plan, and are preparing to sign our first partnership with an appropriate card payment processor in the coming weeks.

Other Updates

The entire project is undergoing an upgrade process so as to make appropriate adjustments, prepare for the next funding round, and do other things to come. There will be a new Staking smart contract v2, Website update, Whitepaper update, pitch deck and tokenomic development, and more.

We ask the entire community to stay supportive of the team endeavors and together we can build THE NEXT BIG THING.

Base Reward reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.

Thanks for your support!
Base Reward Team



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